Private & Non-Profit Projects

Caroline Center

caroline-center-logoCaroline Center educates unemployed and underemployed women in Baltimore for careers with potential for advancement. Inspired by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Caroline Center’s holistic approach empowers each woman to reach the fullness of her potential thus creating a future of hope for herself and her family. At Caroline Center, women gain knowledge and learn valuable workplace and life skills through small, participatory classes in a supportive community.

The Jacob France Institute provides performance outcomes reporting for training program graduates of Caroline Center.

Related Reports:

Maryland Association of Community Colleges (MACC)

MACCThe Jacob France Institute provides annual assistance to MACC for a performance indicator required by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). Matches of both degree and certificate community college completers are matched to the Maryland UI Wage records, as well as to regional and federal employment records. Longitudinal earnings profiles one year prior and 3 years after graduation are generated and distributed to each institution.

The Pipeline

The PipelineThe Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore in partnership with the Association of Builders and Contractors, Baltimore in partnership and the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore is developing a new on-line service ‘The Pipeline’ that tracks development projects in the pre-planning stages as a service to developers.

Opportunity Collaborative Regional Housing Plan

Opportunity CollaborativeThe Jacob France Institute’s Seema Iyer led the demographic, economic, and submarket housing research team at JFI which provided critical insights into the people of the Baltimore region and the character of the places where they live and work. This research, which delves deeply into the market realities and assets of the different parts of the metropolitan area, informs the recommendations of the plan and defines the areas where the strategies will help link people with opportunity.

Johns Hopkins Health System

Johns Hopkins Health SystemTrends of Ex-Offender Employment

This report is completed a research award from the Abell Foundation with administrative data support from the Johns Hopkins Health System and Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. The report delivers new contextual information about 2009-2012 ex-offender hires. We focus our attention on pre-hire employment and earnings profiles one year before, employment retention and earnings progression while employed at the Hospital, and employment destination and earnings one year following departure from Hospital employment for those that had left by the end of June 2013.