Baltimore City Department of Social Services

Performance Management Assistance

Family Investment Bureau
Baltimore City Department of Social Services

The Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore (JFI) will continue to provide technical assistance services to the Family Investment Administration of the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (FIA). JFI has the staff expertise and supporting infrastructure to provide these services when and where they may be needed. Similar JFI technical assistance services have been provided to FIA since December 2005, including enhanced IT support as well as analytical data to improve FIA performance measurement tools.

The FIA uses Center Stat and Center Report Card performance measurement tools. Center Stat performance data are compiled for a monthly meeting in which FIA administration and Family Investment Center staff review and discuss the Centers’ performance. Since December 2005, dedicated JFI staff members have enhanced FIA management team capacity. In addition, JFI generates additional performance data from unemployment insurance administrative datas.

JFI will provide technical assistance services to track and measure the performance of BCDSS service providers.

JFI will deliver technical assistance services to develop and implement new standard operating procedures and best practices and will respond to requests for technical assistance to meet future FIA needs. Technical assistance could include management analysis, research, project management, data collection, data analysis, writing, and policy analysis. The JFI will maintain the capacity to quickly and effectively respond to such requests.

JFI will provide project management, as assigned, including but not limited to data analysis, policy analysis and management analysis. For example, this could include projects related to developing performance measurements for the Child Care Subsidy Program, Temporary Cash Assistance Redetermination process, and Payment Accuracy Review (PAR). Project Management may also include developing reports to track services provided to targeted populations such as pregnant women, customers with mental health issues, and/or customers with substance abuse issues.

Independent Verification Agent

Baltimore City Department of Social Services Foster Care Program

On October 9, 2009 the United States District Court for the District of Maryland entered a modified Consent Decree in the matter of L.1., et al v. Massinga, et al. (the “Decree”). The Decree outlines a comprehensive approach to the care of children in foster care with the Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (BCDSS). The Decree identifies 5 Outcome Areas and includes 86 Internal Success Measures and 40 Exit Standards, which are the specific performance measures and associated targets that BCDSS must meet.  An Independent Verification Agent will be assigned to verify that: the measures and methods and case review processes used by BCDSS to report data and other information are appropriate to the principles and definitions articulated in the decree; and BCDSS has in place sufficient quality control and review processes to verify the data provided in semi-annual reports.

The University of Baltimore will provide technical, statistical and editorial assistance in the preparation of the final semi-annual reports.

For more information about about this program contact Stacey Lee smlee [at] ubalt [dot] edu, Program Manager at (410) 837-4687