Economic and Workforce Development Research

The Economic and Workforce Development Program provides research and technical assistance to government, nonprofit and private sector clients on economic, fiscal and workforce development issues. The Program has a fifteen year history of providing both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to support program planning and evaluation for a diverse Maryland and national clientele. The Program is skilled in both the identification and use of government statistics and generation and use of original data to support high impact, actionable research and evaluation. The Program specializes in issues relating to technology-led economic development, the importance and role of higher education, economic and workforce development strategic planning, and general economic and fiscal impact analysis.

Economic Development

  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Business Climate Assessment
  • Incubator Feasibility Studies
  • Targeted Sector Development
  • Strategic Planning

Workforce Development

  • Evaluation
  • Project Occupational Projections
  • Labor Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Urban Spatial Mismatch
  • Urban Skills Mismatch
  • Surveys and Focus Groups


Impact Analysis

Economic Technology Development

Labor Workforce

Survey Research

For more information regarding the Economic Workforce Development Research Program contact smlee [at] ubalt [dot] edu (410) 837-4687.