Stacey M. Lee, PMP

Program Manager

Ms. Lee has been with JFI since 1997. She provides the Institute with project management, web management, administration, procurement, marketing and IT support.

Current grant sponsored projects include project management for:

  • The Maryland Department of Human Resources Family Investment Administration,
  • The Federal Employment Data Exchange System (FEDES) sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment Training Administration & Maryland Department of Labor License and Regulation,
  • The Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention website, and
  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services Family Investment Administration and Foster Care.

Stacey is a certified PMP from the Project Management Institute. She received her Masters degree in Project Management from UMUC in 2010, and her bachelors degree from the University of Baltimore.


Stacey Lee & UB Bee 91814

  • Federal Employment Data Exchange System – FEDES
    Project Manager:
    As Project Manager, Ms. Lee manages the technical operations of Federal Employment Data Exchange System (FEDES) at the JFI, which provides information on federal employment on a quarterly basis to participating states to help them meet their reporting requirements. She is the principal contact with the pilot states and federal agencies, and with DLLR. She manages the quarterly data exchange cycles, responds to states’ queries, collaborates with the Executive Director on the production of FEDES documents, and coordinates with DLLR on administrative issues.
  • Department of Human Resources Family Investment Administration (DHR)
  • Evaluation of Job Skills Enhancement Pilot Program
    Project Manager:
    As project manager, Stacey is responsible for coordinating with several JFI staff members to ensure that the following list of deliverables are submitted on time.

    • Quarterly submission of TANF Performance Measurers
    • Report – Analysis of SNAP Caseload and Recipient Household Composition Dynamics Aligned with Receipt of UI Benefits and Participation in UI Covered Employment
    • Report – Analysis of Employment Opportunities for TCA Recipients in High Growth Industries in Maryland
    • Ad hoc reports for the Hiring Division of DHR
    • Consultant Services
  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services – BCDSS
  • Family Investment Administration
    Project Manager:
    Ms. Lee, along with several other JFI staff members provides project and performance management assistance to the Family Investment Bureau, Baltimore City Department of Social Services. FIB provides various forms of assistance to low-income individuals while preparing them to become financially independent. These include Temporary Cash Assistance, Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, and the Temporary Disability Assistance Program.Stacey monitors the technical assistance provided on the development and delivery of a new verification system developed by David Carpenter, SQL Database Programmer at JFI to help streamline the application process of new claims. She also provides technical assistance and support to the data analyst located at BCDSS, who is responsible for producing the monthly Citi-Stat reports.
  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services – BCDSS
  • Foster Care – Independent Verification Agent
    Project Manager:
    Stacey Lee provides technical assistance, project management and other administrative support related to the work of the Independent Verification Agent (IVA), Rhonda Lipkin, LLC. The Independent Verifying Agent (IVA) was appointed by the District Court of Maryland under Consent Decree in the matter of L.J., eta al v. Massinga. Et al. (the “Decree”) by order dated August 23, 2011. The Decree states that BCDSS must meet specific performance measures and associated targets. BCDSS is required to report to the court on performance of these measures on regular intervals. An accurate, valid and reliable report regarding Internal Success Measurers and Exit Standards shall be submitted twice a year and will be independently verified by the IVA.
  • Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention – GOCCP
    Project Manager
    Ms. Lee is responsible for contract renewals, invoicing, and technical support to the web development and maintenance of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. She works with Tao Weilundemo, Web Developer for JFI.